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Flow Indirection


A colloquial reference for direct, focused work flow process is 'to go from A to B'.

'A' represents a starting point or, if you will, a current state. 'B' is the next step, the goal, the future state, etc.

To go from 'A' to 'B' as direct as possible tends to promote success...therein lies the rub.

After extensive and in-depth research of process direction and focus, Clutter Trap has developed a proven practice to establish indirectness permanence.

We call the practice 'B Avoidance' -

  1. Starting Point - Current State
  2. Skip - Ignore - Avoid
  3. Personal Interest
  4. Competing Priority
  5. Conflict of Interest
  6. Committee / Think Tank
  7. ...∞

The capacity for indirection is virtually endless.

For a graphical representation of 'B Avoidance' please review this document.