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Project Management


Clutter Trap provides exceptional Project Management Obfuscation (PMO).

Our project methodology provides attractions and eventful milestones.

Project services that we offer:

Project Clip 01

'Lemming Way' is included with every project. An innovative system enhancement that provides an effortless opportunity for stakeholders to bail out prior to project kick-off. (patent pending)

Project Clip 02

An activity whirlwind insures ongoing projects.

Project Clip 03

Pitfalls lock down project progress.

Project Clip 04

Barriers are scalable. You have the option to adjust barrier height.

Project Clip 05

Trapdoors can be configured for immediate project resubmission redirection or the creation of alternative make-do's.

Project Clip 06

Gradient steps can be adjusted. Our project system supports step omission for stressful team work.

Project Clip 07

The Project Direction Dragon is a standard feature. Strategically positioned to obscure the final step.